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Journal of Korean Society for Atmospheric Environment - Vol. 38 , No. 1

4. p. 46 Characteristics of Inflow and Outflow of Particulate Matters by Train-induced Wind thought Natural Shift in Subway Tunnel
Yongil Lee, Jaeseok Heo, Sechan Park, Jong Bum Kim, Jeongho Kim, Muhyun Jung, Duckshin Park
Vol. 38, No. 1, pp.46-56 DOI:

9. p. 126 Evaluation of Ammonia Emission Model Using Laboratory Emission Data
Kwon-Ho Lee, Myoungki Song, Sea-Ho Oh, Yong-Jae Lim, Hye-Jung Shin, Hae-Jin Jung, Minwook Kim, Taehyoung Lee, Min-Suk Bae
Vol. 38, No. 1, pp.126-137 DOI: